Welcome to my website! Here is a collection of my writings and art from various fandoms, and maybe even some original material.

Under RANTS you'll find essays, and my rants on various annoying things about the world. Humorous takes on things, MSTings, jokes, whatever I feel like putting up. Almost was named The Bitchenings.

WRITINGS has my stories, mostly of Tolkien related universes, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, and the History of Middle-Earth.

IMAGES has pictures, photomanipulations, drawings, etc. There won't be much there now, I'm much shyer about showing the world my art than my writings. Plus, I have only done a few scribblings so far.

UPCOMING has information on upcoming stories and updates. Previews, maybe even beta versions of my stuff.

MISC. has everything else, from my other sites, to site recs, useful stuff, cool places to go, and humor. Here is where I stash stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

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