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I'm getting sick of making everything red and black.

What is the deal with older men? What makes a fortysomething think they have a chance with a twenty year old? TWO of them have hit on me in March alone. And the men thing of where they keep trying to do do something after you tell them no--as if you'll give up or forget!! This must have worked once, or else they wouldn't pull this crap. Men are pigs. I said NO dammit! Let go of me!
UGH! Must...wash...with...brillo...again......

Random bitchings....

L0uis the Vampire
You burn down a theater of vampires who murdered your daughters, decapitate a guy with a scythe, and set Lest@t on fire. All the others have the hots for you--and you STILL get no respect! Why Louis is cool.


Coming soon:

Thranduil is Cool
Thranduil gets a bad rap. Fanon, or those-that-must-be-bitch slapped perpetuate this. It has to stop. Jade, another one of the ElvenKing's rabid attack bitches, goes on the warpath.

Legolas is not a freaking 14 year old girl!
Warrior. Elf-Man. If you are going to write LOTR fic, get that through your head first. Somehow, these young tweenish twats can't seem to write male characters as anything but themselves.









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