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Lord of the Rings
Silmarillion Tales

Some of these are gen, some are slash, please read the warnings if there are themes that squick you or you shouldn't be reading.

  • HIS ARDOR -- Olorin (Gandalf) encounters a young Feanor and finds himself inspired. (G --Feanor, Olorin (Gandalf)
  • WELL-MADE -- A man traveling the wild finds a handsome Elven Prince, and he will do anything to possess him. (R for adult themes/Parody--Maedhros, Maglor)

  • FIREFLY -- After the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Legolas and Prince Imrahil seek solace in each other’s arms. (NC-17/Slash-- L/I)
  • SOMNOLENCE -- Bilbo and Elrond go for a stroll in the gardens. (Rated G/General, Humor--Elrond, Bilbo)
  • THE VALARIN DRABBLE -- Finarfin has some questions. (G /Humor,Parody--Finarfin, Manwe, Valar)








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